About Us

About Us

Looking for a modeling and design solution? At www.kincaidesigns.com you are able to find all the necessary services in order to achieve all your desired projects and ideas. You just need to contact them and you will have a special programmed appointment, where you can tell them what project do you want to achieve and their specialists will help you out in the process of designing and creating the model baseline.

High quality services and efficient solutions are guaranteed when working with Kincai Design, mostly due to their professional expertise in designing and structuring, but also as a result of their huge desire of offering their client the best possible user experience.

Project Conception Department

For every newly contracted project, a quick preliminary analysis must be performed. In order to accomplish this task, the Project Conception Department has been created for talking with the clients, gathering their ideas and concepts, and uniting them in order to create the first model view of the desired construction.

In cases of interior designs and refurbishing, the team of professional designers get to interact themselves with all clients to be able to apply on each one the required technique.

Religious considerations, family type and the unique personality of every human being are just some of the most important factors that have direct influence on the design of the house atmosphere that will be created. Also, depending on the behavior and the general knowledge of the contractor, modern, traditional, or medieval themes may be applied by request. Default, the modern theme is applied, as to be in accordance with the current advanced level in our society’s evolution.

Technology and Equipment

In order to provide to their customers high quality services, the company invested a huge amount of money in its technology and equipment infrastructure. Dealing with clients from all around the world and having projects requests from top level governmental corporations, an enforced infrastructure was needed for showing the professional aspect.

Following this line, only in the last year has been bought by Kincai Design more than 20 3D printers, along with various types of material that can be used in this process, more than 200 licenses were acquired in order to allow its engineers and specialists to perform on licensed software and more than 100 courses were planned for the assurance of the continuous integration into the worldwide design community.

The interest in the career evolution of its people boosted the image of the company into the top hiring desires among the employment market. Along with the consistent salary offered to its employers and the luxury conditions in which they are working, there is no wonder that grandiose things are accomplished there. So, if you think that you qualify the exigent requirements of Kincai Design, and you are eager to improve your skills and perform in a professional and friendly environment, this is definitely the job you should apply for.