As a pacesetter in two-wheeled electric mobility, it has always been the vision of Segway to deliver short-distance transportation alternatives that are environmentally friendly. At the moment, individuals that using hoverboards like the Breezeboard Pro as an eco-friendly alternative for a lot of the short journeys that are normally made by car are on the increase. As a matter of fact, The EPA estimates that Americans undergo 900 million car journeys on a daily basis, but are you aware that half of these trips are not up to five kilometres long and are made by solo drivers? What would be the end result if you were able to substitute a few of those car trips with a hoverboard?

Now just think if we replace 10% of those 900 million car trips (90 million car trips) with an eco-friendly hoverboard. If every one of the previously mentioned trips was 3km long, that amounts to 6.2 million less gallons of gas in terms of consumption and 286 million less pounds of CO2 produced on a daily basis.


The hoverboard has no emissions during operation thereby letting you go indoors if you like. It does take some power from the electricity grid while recharging, but the electricity leads to fourteen times fewer greenhouse emissions than making use of your car over the same distance. After using your Breezeboard Pro for one year, you would have basically prevented a ton of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.


Environmentally friendly

Zero emissions are just a part of the advantage associated with the use of a hoverboard. Its use is more than just transferring your consumption from petroleum to electric. Everything about the hoverboard was made to use that electricity as effectively and efficiently as possible. When you go deeper, and compare the fuel source (petroleum vs. the fuel mix employed in producing electricity), plus power transporting or distributing cost, the Breezeboard Pro is 11 times more efficient than the normal American car, and over 3 times more efficient than the highest-mileage scooters as well.