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Contact Us

There are several ways in order to submit the proposal of a project to Kincai Design. All of them are very easy to be performed, and depending on your geographical / budget limitations, the company will find a solution in order to come with a realistic offer.

Contacting Methods

Usually, there are 3 common processes that their clients follow for approaching the company with a project. The first one consists in reaching the company’s Call Centre and establishing an appointment in order to discuss the complexity, urgency and details of the proposed contract. The meeting will be placed based on the availability of the designated architect and specialists and according to the order number inside the agency.

A second way to contact Kincai Design is through their email address and contact form available on A submission for a project can be placed by completing the required fields in the form, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Project Title, Urgency and Project Summary, and the company’s email responsible will reply you wheatear your project is realistic and of interest for the agency, along with the ASAP available program when a meeting can be established.

The last, but not least, method of establishing a meeting is by presenting yourself at the agency’s office in Toronto, USA. By this mean, you are able to talk directly with a specialist in project contracts and he can guide you through the whole process. You will be required to come later, on an agreed date, in order to talk about the details and the implications your contract may suppose.

Stay Connected with Kincai Design Mobile App

In order to have a close look at the progress of your project, or simply to have a modern management platform, you are highly encouraged to download and install the mobile version of the online platform

You can see that on the mobile device you are able to have real time communication with the project manager, offer detailed instructions about how the project should be created, and personalize the final result according to your desires and requirements.

The mobile application is available on all mobile platforms and it can be downloaded from the official app store of each provider. A really huge advantage in the development of modern interior designs is brought by this software, as in the process of creating the desired environment, every detailed is highly important and can change the overall aspect dramatically. Thus, through the Kincai Design application, you can provide precious information about the little details that may change the final result upon your preferences.

I have personally worked with this great company and I know that I may be a very difficult person sometimes, but they just exceeded my expectations. The overall aspect of the final product and the provided services were at the highest possible standard and through the whole process of creation, I was consulted in order to make my print on the work. I would highly encourage everyone who wants to change his home design to work with this agency, as their professionalism and experience overwhelms the concurrency on the market.