With Counter-Strikes’ popularity growing at a fast rate on a daily basis, so too is the number of users that are looking to expend money on the very popular cosmetic weapon skins. There are a lot of costly skins; with a few of them even selling outside the Steam marketplace at prices that could be used to buy a small car or more. Whilst all this is cheering news for Valve as well as the future of the game since it could prompt more interest, tournaments, and sponsorship, it brings out a darker side in the Counter-Strike as well: Global Offensive player base. A lot of people have already been victims of scammers, fake websites, and malicious people. For the purpose of this article, we are going be examining some major things to remember and look out for to keep your skins and CSGO accounts as secure as possible.

The information you must keep private:

Account Name – For Steam, in particular, the account name differs from your public profile name and it’s what you’ll use to log into the Steam website or program. It should be kept a secret at all times and there is definitely no reason for anybody that is talking to you via the normal means (Facebook,  Steam message etc.) to request your Steam account name.

Password – This certainly goes without saying, but it’s important to point out that even old information/passwords that you know that are linked to your common passphrases or password should be kept private. Having access to only one password could lead to a chain reaction if somebody is able to gain access to your email, for instance, they might be able to reset passwords for other CSGO accounts and services as well.

Personal Details – This can be everything and anything. If you’re talking to somebody you don’t really know or trust, you shouldn’t give out anything that could probably assist them in working out what the answer to your security questions could be or similar information that might possibly be used against you.