In order to clear the phone line communication system and to take a part of the work quantity from the Call Centre department, a FAQ page has been created inside the company for the most common issues encountered.

Be sure to read all the stated problems before calling at them, as you will be a little bit roasted if you come up with a problem already solved. This page will be updated every time a new problem occurs and a solution is implemented or found.

Q: Why my contract form won’t submit?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching the Call Centre department from the Kincai Design Company. In order to submit the contract form from the official web platform www.kincaidesigns.com, you are requested to fill in all the required information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Project Title, and Urgency) and also a short summary, in which you must describe in a few lines the proposed project.

One of the most common encountered issues is the number of words in the summary description. Today we just updated the information on the site in order to directly express that the project summary must contain at least 200 words, in order to be able to submit the form.

I hope that your problem is solved and don’t hesitate to contact us again for any further issues. You can also reach us by email at project@kincaidesigns.com as we are also available there 24/7.

Q: What are the available payment methods?

A: Hello and thank you for calling at Kincai Design. The available payment methods depend on the scale and complexity of the project, as well as its duration.

Usually, the accepted projects at our company are based on a milestone system of payment. At the contract signing, some certain milestones are established by both sides and at each one of them, the payment for that specific module is made.

You are also able to make the payment via cash money, bank account and even PayPal. Take into consideration that every project that exceeds the amount of $10,000 must be paid only via bank account transfer.

For any further question please reach us again or write us at the official email address: project@kincaidesigns.com. Have a great day!