Derived from super strong copper, ultra-tough ceramic, in addition to an aluminium bottom to achieve even heating, Red Copper Square Pan promises to work effectively and efficiently as a roaster, skillet, baking pan, and fryer—it can act as a deep fryer. Taking its high sides into consideration, we’re told you will be able to avoid splatters as well, and the square design offers double the space for additional food.

Then, when you are through, you can wipe your Square Pan sparkling clean and store it safely for another day.

You’ve no doubt read about the health risks associated with PTFE and PFOA however you are still in support of the convenience non-stick cookware brings. Without paying much as well!


What Are the Pros & Cons of Ceramic Cookware?

All non-stick cookware worked with the use of a layer of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and/or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE)—also referred to as Teflon until the emergence of ceramic coatings.

While Teflon offers awesome nonstick capabilities, it can also emit some noxious gasses when a lot of heat is applied. In addition, small particles can flake off with time, which might even be linked to a higher risk of the dreaded disease called cancer.

Enter ceramic, which provides natural non-stickness without the health issues associated with Teflon when applied in many thick coatings over a metal core (in the instance of Square Pan, it’s supposedly copper).

However, it’s not perfect. Ceramic cookware appears to be more delicate than Teflon-coated metal, therefore you have to be extra careful while handling it, lest it chips. Some sites discourage the use of oils with ceramic cookware as well, this could reduce its lifespan dramatically. Most importantly, though, it appears that a lot of Red Copper Square Pan users are finding that this particular ceramic may not offer similar nonstick capabilities as Teflon.