When the time is right to get assistance for that loved one that is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it can be a difficult task. Even when they want to be assisted, where is the ideal place to send them? Programs can differ a great deal depending on their philosophies and models. One of the basic steps is to be educated and get some understanding as regard addiction treatment programs. This piece takes a detailed look at some of the things to be considered when looking for drug and alcohol rehab facilities, such as the Miami detox and rehab center, for your loved one or yourself. The aim behind this is to offer insight concerning what approaches of care are best suited to your needs.

12-Step vs. Non

A sizeable number of treatment facilities are situated in the 12-step program. The 12-steps have been in existence for well over seventy years and have become the norm for recovery as far as substance use is concerned. 12-step programs are basically spiritually or religiously or based. For persons who find it hard with these types of concepts, a non-12-step approach could possibly be more fitting. A lot of people without religious belief and affiliation can still benefit immensely from a traditional 12-step model. A non-12-step program can also assist religious persons. The decision should be based on what is advantageous to the individual most.


Outpatient or Inpatient (Residential) Treatment

This can be a hard decision. Outpatient care lets the individual keep a normal life, without having to leave home or work. The danger with outpatient treatment is the uncontrolled environment. The individual is still exposed to a lot of the elements and factors that can lead to abuse and addiction. With this, residential or inpatient facility is usually recommended. Treatment at a Miami detox and rehab center offers individualized care and controlled environment normally. Inpatient or residential care is normally recommended for persons dealing with acute addiction struggles and for those that need a dual diagnosis program.