1. Laser Volume-Distance Measurer

Do you have a son, a father, a husband, or a member of the “male” folks that see themselves as a ‘Handyman’? Well, the following are some cool things that will get their equipment upgraded in the event that they are still stuck in the “dark ages” with measuring tapes and old-style scissors.

The Laser Volume-Distance Measurer can best be described as a cool gadget that gives off a laser and measures the distance that exists between the device, as well as the object that is being pointed at. Through the measurements of the width and length, the device will also calculate the Volume and Area and Volume for you as well. An awesome tool to add to the toolbox of a household.

  1. Mobile Phone Holder

Let’s be truthful, a cell phone that is charging on the ground or somewhere on top of a table is not the nicest sight your home has to offer. In other words, with lengths of wires and cords all over the place, creating untidy loops along the way, as well as creating a commotion on the floor or hanging off from your table is just an eyesore. And if you happen to be the least bit “sight-conscious”, such disorganization will surely drive you nuts.

A mobile phone holder serves as a “bed” or a little platform, for your cellphone to lay on, hangs down from your electrical connection, and lets you wrap around the wires of the charger in a neat way around its neck to give your cell phone a clean, charging. Get one per cellphone, and feel free to purchase various colours so as to match your room’s colour scheme (they normally come in 5 colours).

  1. LED Showerheads

Every “cool things to get” list is never complete without the mention of this super-sensational LED Showerheads. Yes – you haven’t even remotely heard of them, they can improve your washroom’s decor drastically along with the showering experience aside from being really cool.