Kincai Designs Projects

Kincai Designs Projects

In order to express their high quality services, provided by the most experienced and fine engineers and designers, you can find in this page a short summary of the most important project in which Kincai Design was involved.

Considering the high level and the importance of finishing the construction by the deadline date, I would highly recommend everyone who’s willing to build something, to contract this awesome agency and start right now doing the job in the right way.

Burj Khalifa

Everyone knows the tallest man-made construction on the Earth, the Burj Khalifa tower, but not many people know that some of the modeling concepts that stand at the base construction are made by Kincai Design.

At its 828 meters from the ground, there are many considerations that must conceal before creating a model for this structure. Material composition, wind speed and velocity, as well as consolidation blocks inside of it offer a wider image upon the overall structure and resistance of the newly to be build construction.

Also, the adjacent buildings were specially designed in order to empower the beautiful look of Burj Khalifa and to improve their resistance and consolidation in case of major calamities and disasters.

Shanghai Tower

The second tallest building on planet, the Shanghai Tower, is widely known across the globe due to its spectacular design and its enforced resistance. Improvements had been bought to this project by Kincai Design modeling engineers as a result of a close analysis upon a 3D modeling.

They observed that at a certain wind velocity and an above 5 earthquake on Richter scale, the structure proposed to be build would have had to suffer. In order to consolidate it and to solve the eventual issues, the architects proposed a multi-level structure consolidation insertion that aimed to enforce the inner joints between the buildings levels and the base structure, that should have been lifted with about 5 cm.

It may not be such a great deal by a regular person, but these improvements may have saved millions of life’s when in 2015, an earthquake produced in that area. Due to the attentions proposed by the agency’s engineers, all the people working there weren’t affected by it and no life was put in danger.

European Union Parliament

The European Union Parliament is known to be the most important structure of the European Union conglomerate. In order to succeed in their tasks, the environment and the interior design must be specially created in order to inspire new productive ideas and revolutionary concepts.

Kincai Design fully qualified interior designers gathered all their principles together in order to create and accomplish a unique flowers embellished room for the Parliament’s members and an overall quiet, peaceful and harmonious environment.

To find out more about all the projects in which their engineers and designers were involved, I highly recommend you to visit their official online platform,, as their permanently updated news feed section keeps you on the track with the latest, cutting-edge, discovered technologies. Thus, you can confirm their quality level and their professional experience and keep calm about their services performances.