When you buy an iPod or iPhone, you will have to change the battery at some point irrespective of the phone model you bought. It is better to go for a new iPhone battery since the lifespan of a battery won’t last forever. You could possibly find a slightly used iPhone battery or perhaps a refurbished iPhone battery, however, getting the new iPhone battery from an iPhone battery replacement Singapore store is usually the best all round investment due to the fact that by buying that new iPhone battery you’ll be getting a nice long lasting battery already tested by the seller to meet some particular specifications.

One thing you have to do if you are changing an iPhone battery is to buy a new battery that is at least equivalent or better than the initial battery that accompanied the iPhone. And it is only a fact that batteries have to be replaced at some point after they wear out.

When or where you got your battery replaced shouldn’t be a big issue due to the fact that a battery replacement by an iPhone battery replacement Singapore service is regarded as one of the most inexpensive things about an iPhone. But perhaps you could think it’s the battery and it might be something else prompting you to think the fault is with the battery. You might be experiencing low usage times without any staying power. You might have the low battery sign staying on it meaning that the problem could be the power button or you might be required to replace the charge dock connector.

However, it could be the battery instead. It is usually battery related when it turns out that the unit won’t boot up for you. But if you have an iPhone with a hot back in addition to draining power quickly when in use, the problem could be something more serious rather than the battery. A normal battery life is dependent on what type of usage the unit is getting and how much usage it gets.